How to become Twitch famous

So you want to become a famous streamer? Sounds easy – right? But is it..

It can be easy, especially if you give yourself a head start with a twitch viewer bot like our but there’s also a lot of work behind it and Twitch fame doesn’t come for free. Our twitch viewbot can really help you get the best start possible in your career but also these tips below will help you reach fame as soon as possible.

  1. Stay consistent, stream at least 5 days per week and at least 4 hours per session.
  2. Use a twitch viewbot.
  3. Provide quality and interactive content, don’t just sit and play games and expect people to enjoy your stream.
  4. Reply to EVERY message in chat.
  5. Keep notifications of followers, subscribers, donations and hosts on and be sure to give them a warm thanks every time.
  6. Have fun!

This isn’t the most complete guide but it’s truly everything you need to get started in the Twitch world. The rest you’ll get the hang of yourself and learn with time.

If you want a good reference point of what’s good content and what’s not just simply take a look at your competitors. What are they doing different? Why do people watch them? It can be everything from how they interact with the stream to what games they play. Everything makes a difference, even what microphone they’re using and the tonality of their voice that comes out of it. A lot of small thing play into the bigger picture.

Some streamers that are really booming right now are: GreekGodX, Pokimane, Sodapoppin and Ninja. Take a look at what they’re doing and embrace it.

Have fun and enjoy your new job!