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Our twitch viewbot is a fully automated custom made software. Once a valid channel and key are submitted viewers will arrive within 10 minutes to the desired channel. Please input the form below to get started.

Good to know

  • Your stream needs to be online before submitting your key.
  • Viewers delivers in random amounts in the span of 10 minutes until the desired amount is achieved.
  • Hosting other channels will not give them viewers.
  • If you go offline the viewers will not come back without a re-submit.
  • You cannot submit an amount of viewers larger than your key allows.


Viewbot key:


Purchases of key(s) are available 24/7 and will be auto delivered to your email address after a completed purchase. Please keep in mind that you can only use one key per channel.

Monthly keys (30 day access)

NOOB – Up to 25 viewers | $29.95 /m
HOBBY – Up to 50 viewers | $49.95 /m
FULL-TIME – Up to 100 viewers | $99.95 /m

Disclaimer: Kindly note that no refunds are offered on keys. Should there be any down-time of the service the monthly keys will be extended. Initiating a charge-back on any purchase with us will result in a $50 penalty fee directly charged by PayPal to your account, thanks.