How to use a Twitch Viewbot

Using a Twitch Viewbot is fairly easy. With just a few steps you can get started and setup to start chasing your dreams of becoming a full-time streamer. At the time of writing this there are not many working viewbots available as Twitch has been making big purges lately and updating their systems and scripts to prevent viewbotting. Although like us there are many others who has a work-around and can supply a working bot and have been for the past years.

How to viewbot

  1. Purchase a subscription to your Twitch Viewbot of choice.
  2. Link your channel to the viewbot in the control panel.
  3. Start sending viewers and chatbots your way!

It’s really that simple and can be setup in no time by literally anyone. The hard part of the job is to run the stream successfully and entertain the real viewers that you’ll attract organically by ranking high on the categories section. This is by far the most challenging thing you’ll have to overcome during this start-up phase of your stream. Being able to provide quality content and a hapyp smile through-out basically entertaining robots.

Bare in mind – this is just a phase. Most of our successful users see good results and growth from our Twitch Viewbotting service as soon as 1 month into running it. We have one user who started working with us now over 1 year ago and has since then built up a crazy following of about 250.000 followers as well as averaging now 1000-1500 (real) viewers per stream and currently has an estimate of 2000 subscribers. From these subscribers he earns $3 per subscription which equates to $6000 monthly. On top of this he gets plently of donations via PayPal and via Twitch’s own bits and has for the past 3 months averaged a gross income of $12,000 – crazy right?

This could be you, keep rocking and don’t loose faith! Good luck.