Is Twitch Viewbot still working in 2019?

It’s a common question many of you may ask.. Can you still viewbot on Twitch in 2019? Yes – you can!

Ours and in fairness many others bots are still working and we’re always one step ahead of Twitch when they’re trying to patch our precious bots. So for right now a lot of bots are still working and you can still reach that Twitch fame you always wanted!

It’s still possible to make a lot of money using our bot by building brand relations and leveraging your viewer count and following in other various manners. However we recommend you to build somewhat of a real following before going after company partnerships in order to secure that they get some results and don’t get suspicious.

You may ask – who uses viewbots on Twitch? Let’s just say that our biggest client has over 500,000 followers on the platform and bots in quantities of 2000-5000 viewers every stream they’re live using our Twitch Viewbot..

Enjoy our service!